AWS lambda problems

I want to use the node for AWS lambda to execute my task.but i meet a problems.

how should I solve it ?

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Just tested it and it’s working just fine for me.

Why is it the function field in red? is it the server running? in which line the body is undefined?

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my aws region is cn-northwest-1 . Could that be the reason?

After I chose the Credentials,the function field change to red. It doesn’t change whether I fill in the function name or not。

There is no region called cn-northwest-1 according to this

It may just be that the document isn’t updated, but it’s real

Got it. Well I will suggest you make sure the credentials have attached a policy with access to execute a lambda function.

I confirmed it again.the credentials have attached a policy with access to execute a lambda function.Is there any other plan ?

Thanks for reply. I finally solved this problem, the core problem is the correct endpoint is ,but the source code is ${service}.${credentials.region}

ahh that is quite weird as it works for me with the current form. I wonder if this applies just for that region.

@jan the lambda endpoint url for cn-northwest-1 and cn-north-1 is endswith ,Can this compatible support be updated to the next release ?

Added it to my TODO list.

@RicardoE105 I was pleasantly surprised to find that the latest version of N8N already supports custom endpoints. I couldn’t wait to use it, but I got the following error.

I don’t know what the problem is. The Endpoint still works when I manually modify the source code in the last version

Hey @liushengyi about two weeks ago I fixed a bug with this issue here:

Should be working fine now. Have you tried it recently? I think it was fixed in version 0.101 if I am not mistaken.

It has been working,Thank you~