AWS S3 upload not working


I’m trying to upload content or binary file to s3.
I’m getting some errors whereas reading works just fine.
Permissions policies are wide opened.
Did someone already succeed to do that ?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Welcome to the n8n community :tada:

Do you mind screenshot or the error message?

Here is the workflow.

And here is the error on S3:

Hi @ozeo, can you try using a bucket name not including a dot (the . character)? This causes trouble with certain S3 operations in n8n and should be avoided as per the AWS S3 documentation:

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Indeed you are right, It works now,
I change the bucket name removing the dot and suddenly it works.

Any chance to know if uploading to a folder inside this bucket is possible ?

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n8n doesn’t support “real” S3 folders, so I’d advise against this if possible. This came up previously as a possible problem and while I suggested addressing this, it never made it onto our roadmap unfortunately.

That said, you can technically include folder-like structure in your upload operation, for example like so:

This will show up as a folder in your S3 console:

The content is also listed as expected:

Hi @MutedJam, I just found out about this thread today.

We struggled with file upload to bucket name with dots since we are using static file hosting with a domain on that bucket.

Our solution works like this

We noticed that when we put bucket name to Parent Folder Key, upload works without any issues. all bucket folders needs to placed inside File Name field.

Just leaving this here if someone might need this later :slight_smile:



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