AWS Transcribe & Comprehend


I have a use case for the AWS Transcribe & AWS Comprehend nodes, but unfortunately the features within each node don’t appear to be up to date.

For example, the AWS Transcribe service now has two additional options:

  • Call centre transcribe jobs
  • Medical transcribe jobs

These don’t appear to be available.

Then in the AWS Comprehend node we are missing the Keyphrase extraction service.

Is there a plan to plug these gaps?


Hi @scottjscott, I am not aware of any specific plans here I am afraid.

As such I have converted your question into a feature request so you and other users can vote on having this implemented.

Thank you.

I guess this is a perennial problem for n8n - how to handle nodes falling behind, where best to put the resources :). I need to remember to check node functionality before I commit to doing something. Fortunately there’s an http node, which I seem to spend my life using at the moment!