Back to canvas not working

Strange one - when working on a node I cant click “Back to canvas” so cant leave the node. Any thoughts?

Hi @Mango_man, I am so sorry for the trouble.

Are you using n8n cloud by any chance? We unfortunately had a bug that was only fixed with n8n 1.17.1: fix(editor): Remove `n8nHooksNext` flag (no-changelog) by netroy · Pull Request #7733 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

If you’re using the regular n8n cloud version you’d have to upgrade to n8n 1.17.1 on to resolve this.

If you’re using the AI beta version you’d have to head over to, change any of the settings, then hit Save changes for n8n to restart and fetch the latest ai-beta image. After the restart, you should again be able to close the node details screen.


Thanks! AI Beta Cloud version. How do you mean change settings? I’ve tried that on workflow and account but not sure it is restarting and fetching?

Have you clicked “Save changes” after enabling (or disabling) one of the “Executions to save” checkboxes on the admin panel for example?

n8n should then restart and pull the latest image. Your instance will become offline for a minute or two while this is happening.


Thank you so much!!! That worked. Really appreciate your help with that.

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