Backup SQL and Store into GitHub or Google Drive

I didn’t created any workflow yet. But I have this idea in my mind.

Is it possible to. Create and get the backup of database as .sql file and store it into Google Drive.

Then delete the file from server with n8n?

(With CRON it run every x days)

Is it possible?

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I think the most direct way is doing the backup outside n8n by cron with the proper tools (mysqldump for mysql for instance), saving backup to a folder, and mapping this folder inside n8n.

Later, you can create a n8n task to check if backup is done (by cron), and upload it to Google drive or github.

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Hi @Miquel_Colomer

I feel this can be done more easier with a single bash script and cron in the server.

Let me try that.

Yes, you are right. It’s more direct using a shell script.
But if you want to push data to Github or Drive, combining with n8n task could be another way.

I don’t know your exact use case to fix.