Backup workflows to github

I would like to backup all my workflows to GitHub regularly and systematically.

Looking for some advise brainstorming here, how would you go about making a workflow which checks for diffs between your workflows and github, then commits any changes to a github repo, and adds any new workflows.

Basically runs a backup of your workflows to github.

  • Do you think that is possible?

If it is possible does that open the door for two way sync allowing you to edit workflows in github and have them sync back to n8n?

Hey @roofboard,

I would probably start by using the backup template we published here: this will take the workflows you have in n8n and commit them to a GitHub repo.

As a follow up step from there it would probably be a case of getting the workflow list from the API and Github then using the merge node to find which ones are missing and go from there.