Backups n8n Workflows

Good morning community! how are you doing?

I wanted to consult you regarding the operation of the http request, I have read the manual and everything, but I am not able to connect, it gives me a credentials error but I am placing what it says correctly, i means.

When I use it through API Playground it brings me the Workflows correctly, and when I import the direct curl in the http request it throws me: ERROR: Forbidden - perhaps check your credentials?
And have a nice day!

Not directly an answer to your question, but one that hopefully solves your problem anyway.

Did you see that we have an n8n node? It should allow doing everything that is supported by the API.

I was able to obtain the Workflows from an n8n desktop to the n8n in Kubernetes, it can be seen that the problem is within the self-hosted instance that throws me a credentials error and I cannot obtain them,

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