BambooHR get user from report after today

Hello everyone,
The plan of my project is to schedule the next onboarding sessions for our new hires.
I used the BambooHR node, I selected Company report in Resource, Get in Operation, the proper Report ID, and got users until today.

Can I get users starting after today?

In the report, we have like 150 users that start from 20/08/2022 to 15/09/2022 and I got only 60 users until 1/09/2022.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Hi @Gabriel_Lepinay, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a BambooHR account so can’t test this first hand. However, from looking at the node it seems you can simply fetch all employees. Does this operation include the start date for each employee? If so, you could in a next step use n8n’s IF node to filter employees with a specific start date.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:
I found a field “onlyCurrent” in the BambooHR API, do you know how can i add it in the BambooHR node?

You could raise a feature request here on the forum to have the filter options in the node enhanced (or make the changes yourself if you’re a developer - the node code is here).

But you might find it easier to simply use the HTTP Request node instead which would allow you to send a custom request to the BambooHR API (or any other API for that matter). Let me know if you have any trouble with this :slight_smile:

Okay thanks a lot! I will do a HTTP Request until an PR is accepted :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.

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