Bank Accounts aggregator and alerts (Open Banking PSD2)

I need to find a bank account aggregator that uses Open Banking PSD2.
There are many but I’d like to find one compatible with n8n.

The goal that I want to achieve is to get an email alert everytime there’s a transaction in one of the aggregated bank account.

After this I could use the data from the aggregator in other way by example for statistical purpose.

Please, do you have any tips to achieve this?

Hi @ianxxx, this is a field of services I haven’t looked into into too much (though playing with banking APIs is still somewhere on my personal to-do list). I don’t think a node exists for any such services yet, but in theory you should be able to connect to any REST API through the HTTP Request node. The node supports a variety of authentication methods.

So you might want to try out any of these services that seems suitable to you and share your experience in order to help fellow n8n users.