Barcode scanner

I would like to get the value of a (UPC-A/EAN-13) barcode, by processing an image of this barcode. Has anybody already build something like this, or have an idea how to tackle this? Thanks in advance!

Quickest thing I can think of would be to use an npm package like

There might be a web service you can use for it though.

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Thanks Jon … and if anybody else knows a web service for this, then please let me know. Thanks in advance!

In the meantime, I managed to put together a workflow, which I can send an pdf file with a barcode, and which returns me the barcode type and number, i.e.:

    "Successful": true,
    "BarcodeType": "UPC_A",
    "RawText": "033984014534"

I first tried cloudmersive. Unfortunately, they could only process pictures, and since their pdf to png converter did not work properly, I had to use convertapi to to this.


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