Baserow Bug - Adding variables breaks the node

Hey, I am trying to update some of my workflows using Baserow and have found some weird behavior when doing this. I made a short loom to showcase this; Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom.

To reproduce - use a create Baserow, choose database and table name and then add a field, try and put a variable into the expression of that field, watch each of the previous defined values turn to numbers and no longer show the data as before.

I am running via Cloudron and I am on the latest version there;

App Title and Version

n8n 1.0.3

Package Version

[[email protected]]

I am hoping this is a bug and not a feature of the newer versions but if it is, let me know :-).

Thanks for all you do!

Hi @stuart :wave: Thanks for posting about this - after some quick testing I can also trigger what you’re seeing, which I definitely don’t think is intentional. I’ll let our developers know about this and will be back to you with an update when I have one!


I am also experiencing this on n8n v1.0.5. I quickly checked but do not see this as an open issue or as fixed on github, or did I miss it? Currently I’m just using a much older release, waiting to update once this is fixed.

Hi @cdutoit - welcome to the community :tada:

Work unfortunately hasn’t begun on this yet, which is why you’re not seeing anything on Github just yet :see_no_evil: When this fix is merged, this thread will get automatically updated :+1:


Could you try updating, We fixed a few issues recently where failed expressions caused lists to fail to load.

Thanks, this does seem to be fixed in 1.9.3 from my testing.