Baserow Filter option doesn't work at all for multiple filters on same column

I was trying to set up a query on baserow with a filter on a link value id. While this works fine with a single value (i.e., Field name X “link row has” and value = row ID), using the same with multiple filters and “or” filter type does not result in the expected output.

In my case, out of the ~10 rows in the table X, two have links to table Y with its row ID 4, and one has a link to table Y with row ID 5. Doing separate queries results in the correct output. Adding two filters with or only returns the latter entry in the filters, ignoring the first filter.

The same occurs when directly comparing values, so there’s something wrong with the “or” filter option it seems, either in n8n, baserow, or the way n8n uses baserow … or am I doing anything wrong?

Even worse, using “and” still results in the same output.

It appears to me as if using multiple filters only works correctly if different columns of a table are used, but not if multiple comparisons are run on the same column … using a second column and comparing values with and or or results in the expected output …

Is this a general limitation in baserow or n8n, or is it a bug in one of the two?

Hey @Garry,

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I have just taken a quick look on a database I have and I managed to reproduce the issue in the same way, Using ID or Name = xxx works great for and / or but id = x / id = y seems to ignore the first item.

I will do a bit of digging later this afternoon to see if it is a bug on our end or just something not supported in Baserow.


Just a quick follow-up: At least using the “filter” function in the web gui of Baserow results in the expected behavior, i.e. doing an or-filter with twice the same column does indeed work there …

Hey @Garry,

This looks like a bug on our end, When we loop over the filter items we are adding filter__field_{id}_{operator} to our query string array but because it already exists we are overwriting it.

It is working fine from Curl so we know the API is all good for taking it, I will get this added to our internal tracker.

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