Baserow: Upload File with http-Node

I am trying to upload a file to Baserow. For this purpose I use JWT as authorisation.
The flow works until the file upload to baserow. However, when a new record is then created and the uploaded file is to be assigned to the record, I always get an error.
What do I have to specify as value/writing style in the value files?

Hi @UweG, since you are using the HTTP Request node here and the response indicating your request doesn’t quite much what the API you’re calling expectes, do you happen to have a documentation of the relevant API endpoint you are using?

And could you share your workflow?

Here is what the HTTP-Request need for assign the file with the field ‘Files’
I get the information from the former node 'Upload BinaryFile Baserow’but i don’t know how to write the value for the field ‘Files’.

Here is the flow:

I solved the problem with baserow to upload files.
I also create workflows to create complete databases in baserow from a third party application (Ninox) over API.

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Great news, thanks so much for confirming @UweG! Maybe you can share your successful workflow (or a simplified version of it) with the community in case someone else has the same problem?

Could you share this flow, after resolved? would help me solve an issue in a stream of mine

This is my n8n Flow to upload /delete a File to/in Baserow.


This is my Flow to create/update/delete Baserow Groups/Applications/Databases/Fields