Batching Airtable Upserts?

I’m running a workflow which is upserting ~ 300 records to an Airtable Base every few hours. So far it’s working fine, but it’s fairly slow.

From watching the Airtable base, it appears that N8N is upserting records one at a time. I know that Airtable will accept batches of up to 10 records at a time, is it possible to do this?

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @Adam_Shand, most n8n nodes would run once for every item they receive and this is also true for the Airtable node.

In order to create batches you’d have to use the HTTP Request node instead. This requires first splitting your existing items into suitable batches (this can be done using the Loop Over Items node), then building a custom payload for all items in the current batch (using for example the Code node) before makign the actual HTTP Request for each batch.

If you need a performant solution, perhaps you want to consider using something like Supabase instead of Airtable? This would be considerably faster than Airtable even without implementing batches and custom HTTP requests. I’ve recently tested this here.

Okay, thanks. Was hoping there was a simpler way, but I can do that! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m locked into Airtable so don’t have the choice to move to other options.


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