Bearer Key/Access-Token

Is there a possibility to make the existing nodes(Microsoft nodes) work by just providing the Bearer key (I made Microsoft Teams and other applications work like that)

Not sure if I understand the question. But, yes. If Microsoft allows doing that, it would be possible to also implement that on the existing nodes.

Allright, How would i go on with making that work since there doesnt seem to be an option for it in the nodes or credentials (Wouldn’t work as a credential anyway since the Bearer key is dynamic and changes every 30? minutes)

Ah OK. So in this case it would still be possible to implement but we would never do that ourselves and release it. That would be more something very very custom you would have to program yourself.

You could create your own credential type, with only the Access Token, which the node could use, and in it, you could for example set the value in the credential via an Expression from wherever it is coming from.

It would then obviously also your job to make sure that you provide an Access Token that is valid and gets refreshed every 30 minutes (if that is the time it expires at Microsoft).

Oh yeah, I wasn’t asking for a node that could get the Bearer Key :slight_smile: i got that myself,

I was just asking on how to make it work with the existing nodes

Ah yes, that is what I mean :wink:

So to say it differently. It would not work with the node how it is right now. You could make an addition to the currently existing node (should not be to complicated). In this case, adding the support for providing directly the token.

Hmm, Might gonna have to look into that then to make things work since i’m running out of options
Question, If i make changes to the existing node and i would update, would my changes be reverted?