Behind the scenes of cloud.n8n

I am wondering if you can reveal the behind the scenes magic of cloud.n8n…

What kind of deployment is it?
… I mean, does each user get their own db or db user? is it postgres? how do you delegate resources?

How do you optimize speed?

What kind of RAID setup do you have?

Welcome to the community @gotjoshua

Probably my colleague @kik00 can shed some lights on this.

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Welcome to the community @gotjoshua!

It uses SQLite. Which has multiple advantages like speed and reduced risk of interruption over Postgres (as that would be a separate service that could crash and to which the connection could be lost). The data does get backed up once a day.

Each instance has a reserved amount of RAM which depends on the plan that got selected.

It all runs on Azure on servers in Frankfurt. Honestly not idea about the RAID setup Azure uses but all our instances use SSD drives to offer optimal performance.


the nodes run really fast! much faster than the vps that my colleague set up.
so sqlite is faster than postgres?

I want to try to set up n8n on akash soon…

Speed wise is SQLite top. Is generally already fast but additionally also saves going over the network as in this case the database is kind of built-in.

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