Best way to create demo data


I’ve created a workflow (a) which triggers another workflow (b).
Just wonder what the best way to setup the demo data that is passed into this workflow (a) so that i can use it when creating the workflow (b).

I know to grab the json thats been passed into the workflow (b) from a previous execution. just not the best practice to set it up .

ps, Some sort of demo data node that contains an entire json copy and paste would be pretty useful for sharing things on this forum as well

Hi @wgicio

You can use the function node/function item node to paste in json data to be used as dummy data.
For more simple demo data I usually use a set node to fill some fields with demo data. Of course this only results in 1 item to test with.

Also I’ve had a better experience when creating one big workflow and then splitting it up into subworkflows. Makes it easier to develop the workflow with data and such compared to creating an actual sub workflow from scratch.

Hope this helps.


Hey all, just to jump on on this, there actually is a demo data node :smiley:

It’s called “Customer Datastore”:

@dickhoning also shared a bunch of free APIs generating data suitable for testing. These can be consumed via the HTTP Request node: