BETA: Advanced Flow Nodes to simplify n8n Workflow

Hey and happy new year everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve created my first own n8n Nodes to simplify workflow building and would be happy about feedback :slight_smile:

What are the nodes about?
In total, the n8n-nodes-advanced-flow are used for a better workflow building experience.

The following nodes were created

Create a certain amount of empty items

Output Items to the DeveloperTools or Server

A loop to run something multiple times

Perform paging for other nodes than the HTTP Request Node (of course also for that one, but I know that it already supports paging :wink: )

Push and Pop Shelf
Store data in Memory and use them later in the same workflow (in the same run!). Gives flexibility and a better overview

Check if any entry matches specific conditions

Check if the current List exceed a certain size

IfAdvanced and FilterAdvanced
Both nodes extend the already existing nodes by a Statistic branch

You can find the node here:

Would be happy about any feedback;

I’ve already created some video tutorial but first have to review it against accidential data breach :joy:

Best regards



Hello @Human371BetaRelease I just installed your node and its a gold mine. I did like the extra functionalities that it is ifffering especially the advanced functions and statistics.

It shall soon replace my default IF node ad time goes. More people should explore this node

Hi Imperol,

thank you very much for this answer, happy to see you like it :slight_smile:

Best regards


Update: New Video Tutorial

Hey everyone, if you didn’t find the time to test or maybe didn’t find any usecase, here’s a tutorial showing all nodes one by one :slight_smile:

n8n Advanced Flow Nodes Intro (


Really cool @Human371BetaRelease ! Thanks a lot for creating those nodes, sharing them, and even creating a video for each of them. Amazing! I will check them out.

Love the statistics output. That can help a lot.
Rest I will have to check out. :slight_smile:
The Paging one looks a bit like my iterator node, you can have a look there to add some features for next page value for example if you want. GitHub - bramkn/n8n-nodes-iterator

Hey @BramKn , to be honest: I recognized your Iterator loop when I checked out where to post this post here :see_no_evil:

Looks good, I’ll check it out to see which one I like more :slight_smile: