BigQuery Execute Query module clears query field every time I try to run it or even if I close it. No autosaving

I experience a strange bug in the BigQuery Query module set to Execute Query.

The SQL Query field is cleared / emptied if I execute or if I close the node. No way to force-save it.

If I try to execute the node, SQL query field is reset and I get an error with “Error required parameter is missing: query”… which I understand, since it somehow was cleared before execution.

Any tips on how to solve it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey @LE_Christensen,

This should be fixed shortly, Can you confirm the version of n8n you are running?


I’m running n8n Version 1.8.1

Hey @LE_Christensen,

Perfect, As a temporary solution going down to 1.7 would resolve it

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I was fixed in version 1.8.2

And it works as intended now.

Thank you for a quick reaction!


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