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Hello. I have sat up a Google Drive trigger on file created in folder. It works fine. It gives me output and all the metadata, and also the webContentLink which you need to “download” the video. I also have a google sheet that works fine aswell. So the problem is with the Binary Property of the YouTube Action. I’m not sure what to do here, I’ve tried Read Binary with:

{{ $node[‘Google Drive Trigger’].json.webContentLink }}

As the File Selector, this gives me “No output data returned”. So the last step of the workflow does nothing (the most important one :stuck_out_tongue: ) It does not upload to YouTube.

Appreciate any help here! Thanks.

Hey @Daniel_A97,

You probably won’t need the read binary files yet but does the Google Drive node return a binary item or just information about the file? You may need to add another Google Drive Node to download the file then use the data parameter to upload it but the node containing the binary data must be directly before the node that uses it unless you use a merge node to join up the items first.

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