Binary read of json payload

Hi - I just joined and am playing with the latest n8n.
I have a node with binary read and when I attempt to read a file which contains the following json I get “Entries exist but they do not contain any JSON data.” even though the file contains this valid json. Any ideas why it is failing?"

    "Priority": "p1",
    "Route": "joe",
    "Description": "help"
    "Priority": "p2",
    "Route": "bob",
    "Description": "help me too"

Hi @jcalcada, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry to hear you’re running into this behaviour. I’ve written your example into a local file and tried to read using n8n’s Read Binary File node but didn’t run into any problems here.

This is what I did:

Example Workflow

Could you share your workflow with me as well as confirm the version of n8n you are using? This should hopefully let me reproduce and sort out the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Although I get that message in the “read binary” once I added the “Move Binary Data” I was able to access the json data. Thanks very much. I didn’t realize I needed that “Move”.

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Still odd that the node on its own would throw the error for you. Maybe you can share the exact file along with your workflow throwing the error?

But anyway, I am glad to hear this is now working, thanks a lot for confirming!