Boolean logic in IF looks inverted to me - what am I missing

When I created an IF node, I specified a Boolean that is false - but it seems to be matching the TRUE branch. How come?

If I change the expression to something TRUE, it matches the FALSE branch. Isn’t this inverted?

I’m fairly new to n8n so forgive me if this is covered somewhere.

– Running n8n on my own hardware (Ubuntu 20.04) with MariaDB

OK - I think I have it.

The answer for anyone else who stumbles on this: surrounding an expression with Boolean() doesn’t match true or false as expected - I needed to change this to {{ EXPRESSON ? true : false }} to get it to work. Not sure why but that did it!

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Glad to hear you figured it out, thanks for sharing your solution and welcome to the community @ColinMacLeod :tada:

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