Brainstorming using IF

My IF is not working correct since it depends on a API field that appears or does not appear depending on results (E.g. Page). the problem I face now is, I am trying to make an IF stating “IF Page is empty” then true does nothing, false, continues with the flow.

But when the results finish and I apply the and I check the Page, I get an empty array ([{ }]) instead of just blank and my flow continues to false instead of true as intended.

Any ideas in how to best process to go to “True”? Thank you very much.

Hey @Jorge_M!

Can you share the Output from the previous node? Also, have you changed any settings in the IF node?

Hi @harshil1712,
The output was just a simple array where the page field would show up if it had more than 1 page. I actually ended up finding a workaround using length function and a switch, turned out to be much better actually :slight_smile: . Thanks for the support though :slight_smile: .

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