Brazil timezone is incorrect how to fix it?

When I set the default timezone to “America/Sao_Paulo”, n8n is using -02:00 UTC however the timezone for America/Sao_Paulo is -03:00.
In my linux environment the timezone is ok, the problem only occurs in n8n.
How can I fix it?
Thank you for your response.

Did you check if it works correctly for other timezones?

I did not encounter any issue like this before but is quite possible that there is a bug somewhere. We did however not write that functionality, we rather use the following npm module:

So you can look through the known issues if anybody reported a similar issue.

But in for what it is worth, for me it works 100% perfect. I just tested. Had the workflow set to Berlin and it did trigger for Berlin time. Then set it to Sao Paulo changed the corn-times accordingly and it did also trigger correctly there.

Hello Jan,

When you set the timezone to America/Sao_Paulo, n8n shows -2:00 or -3:00 ?
On my server it shows -2:00.
I think the problem is because n8n is applying summertime to this timezone, however Brazil do not have summertime since 2019.

Very strange. If I set it to the time that Google displayed me it currently is in Sao Paulo it executed for me just fine at that time. So does also Google display it wrong?

If it is really not correct, it is best to open an issue on the above linked GitHub repository and so report the issue that it can get fixed in a future version of the library. It will then get picked up by n8n automatically.

When you see the timezone for Brazil/São Paulo on google. It shows -3:00 or -2:00 ?
If it shows -3:00 it’s correct.
In this case why n8n shows -2:00? Where it reads this configuration? Maybe it isn’t a bug, but only a wrong configuration mine.
Thank you very much for your attention.

Perhaps this is related with DST (daylight saving time).

I think so. But Brazil don’t have DST since 2019.
On host OS the time is ok.