Brevo template customization


  1. I’ve created a workflow to manage a white paper campaign.
  2. On one side I have a Tally node with a webhook node that sends form information. And on the other side, a Brevo email template sends the white paper.

I’ve attached custom parameters on my template to do something like “Hello $firstname…”.

It works if my client is already on my contact list, but not if they’re not.

Obviously, I would like to work on all cases!

I’ve seen the template parameters but it is not clear how to use it…
I tried something like : “Prenom” = {{ $[0].value }}

If you have any idea how to be sure that my template will have the good info?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Tanguy , if the contact it’s not in your DB, you should create it first and then send the email with the placeholder.
Does it make sense? let us know.

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Thanks for your answer!
I added a node “add contact” and it is now working :slight_smile:

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Perfect, sound good!

Please mark it as solution if you want, and I hope you a great day!

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