BUG - Google sheet read Filter

When reading data from google sheet with the new node, some data is missing and remaining data gets shifted - keys do not match up with values anymore.
Sorry for the following huge test data, have not tried it with a smaller dataset yet:

With this data set only the last few columns get shifted, in my original data set (about 70 columns) nearly half of the columns got removed.

Screenshot faulty data

Screenshot correct data

n8n Version: 0.210.1

EDIT: Probably duplicate Post of BUG - Google sheet Read with Filter - #5 by jan

According to that post, this bug got fixed in 0.210.2 (I am on 0.210.1), new version is not yet available in my cloud instance. Will try the new update as soon as I can install it.

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Hey @FelixL,

You got it, So this has been fixed and released in 0.210.2 which isn’t yet available for cloud .

When will 0.210.2 be available for my cloud instance? (roughly next few hours or more like end of week?)

@MutedJam :arrow_up: Bug was probably also cause of my problem a few weeks ago (Post: New Google Sheet node read problem)

Following screenshot comes from our production google sheet (but with test data).
all empty fields got removed and – did not realise this when first posting – fields do not match the keys.


Looking at the internal chatter there is a bit of testing to do but should be in the next day or so.

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Thanks for the info!

I also just saw, that 0.210.2 already got released for the self-hosted Version – good excuse to experiment a little with that. (And all the stuff that comes with it, OAuth, traefik, …)

@Jon @n8nTeam
I just setup n8n on a small vps in like under 15 minutes, including domain,traefik, and Google OAuth to test the google sheet connector.

Thanks, ya all for the great product n8n and the exceptional documentation - even for the free self-hosted version! :tada:

Back 2 topic, Just also tested my main google sheets flow and there are no apparent issues yet. Will post an update if I find something!


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