[BUG REPORT] - Name of Node Affects Output Data

Weird one here. When I name a node using square brackets, for example [TEAMWORK] Get All Projects, the output is empty:

If I rename it to TEAMWORK - Get All Projects, the output works:

Hey @James_Pardoe,

When I saw this I thought… No way that doesn’t make any sense as we don’t use the node name in the output…

Gave it a quick test and yeah it looks like the name seems to break the output and it looks like you can do it with a single [ or ] as well. I will get a bug ticket created for that now, Thanks for the interesting report.

Edit: The internal dev ticket for this is NODE-866

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That is a weird one indeed.
ps. there is a community node for teamwork :slight_smile:

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Happy to help!

@BramKn thanks for the heads-up regarding the community node. I WISH I could use it but we’re on the cloud setup.

If anyone else wishes they could use community nodes on cloud, please upvote this: Community Nodes in n8n.cloud - #2 by marcus

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Hey Jon,

I deployed N8N a long time ago, since then I have written many workflows, most of them with a “[” and “]” in the node names. This has been an issue since the N8N version 1.9.3 was released, thus we have been using version 1.9.3 to avoid having to rename every node.

Would it be possible to have an estimated date for the bug to be fixed?

Huge thanks!

Hey @escamudo,

I have popped a note on the ticket to find out.

New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 8013.

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