Bug with Airtable Trigger?

Hello to all,

In my company we use Airtable to streamline a lot of processes. We use n8n to trigger a series of actions following different events.

For example, we take briefs from our clients and store them in a database. As soon as a brief is created online, we inform the people concerned in a Slack channel.

My CTO colleague regularly updates the n8n instance; and systematically the automation retriggers the last lines that were detected by the Airtable node trigger.

A bit of a pain since my colleagues have already been informed of the arrival of a new line in the database. Is this normal? :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Hey @arthurcorre, is there a chance workflows are still running when the instance upgrade takes place? I haven’t tested this yet, but I wonder if this might have an impact (with the “last check” timestamp not stored until the execution has finished).

Or are you possibly using a backup/slightly older copy of your workflows in the upgrade process? The aforementioned timestamp appears to be stored along with the workflow data. So if you load an older version of a workflow, everything after the timestamp in said workflow would be seen as new.