Bug with installation of n8n 0.216.2 on Windows


I have updated my n8n windows version to the latest available 0.216.2.
I get an error on several workflows that use MSSQL

I have this error

C:\Users\bob\AppData\Local\Programs\n8n\resources\app\node_modules\@azure\msal-node\dist\index.js'. Please verify that the package.json has a valid "main" entry

When I check in this directory


I have indeed only the : node_modules directory and package.json

do you have an idea ?

Hey @Bronks,

When did you download the desktop app? There was an issue recently so we pulled the release to fix it but I am not sure if we have released the updated version yet.

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just 4/5 hours ago

It might be worth going back to the last version for now if you still have it available.

How do we use a previous version? Where can I find an installer? I updated this morning after many months of non-usage and now I’m getting this error and can’t work on anything…

Hi folks, I stored a few previous versions of the n8n desktop app just in case. You can find them here:


That said, depending on your upgrade path there might have been database migrations that cannot be undone easily. So make sure to take a full backup of the .n8n directory in your user folder before attempting such a downgrade.

You could also consider using n8n’s docker image over the desktop app which allows you to use any n8n version of your choice.

Hope this helps!

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In fact by going back to the previous version everything is ok

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