Build Custom Node

Hello community,

I am trying to build a custom node and in POST operation I need to send very big payload which comprises more than 70 key value pairs and in those most of them are optional. So, is there any way to build the TEXT AREA where the user can write the required payload (JSON) with key and value pairs instead of defining those 70 fields by me?

Also I am getting this error:
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Could not resolve parameter dependencies. Max iterations reached! Hint: If displayOptions are specified in any child parameter of a parent collection or fixedCollection, remove the displayOptions from the child parameter.

Upto how many actions can we build in single node? cuz it says Max iterations reached!

That normally happens when the displayOptions got messed up. Meaning relationship got defined which can not work. I recommend to remove most parameters, confirm that it works and then add them again best one by one. You will then see which is causing the problems.

Generally is there however no limit.

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