Build your own APIs with n8n

Many of you already know that n8n goes far beyond simple integrations. You can also create a webhook and receive incoming requests. Trigger nodes rely heavily on this approach, for example.

But did you know that when you create enough webhooks in n8n, you can effectively build an API service with it?

Here’s an article where we describe the overall process of creating an API and provide a simple example.

Feel free to post your questions below or share your experience. Was it a smooth sail or you had to hop over hurdles?

This article was written by our fellow contributors Yulia & Eduard.


Hi, @ppolina_ua. I can see the obvious benefits to creating an API with n8n. Could you (or someone with experience using n8n to build entire APIs) talk about some of the limitations of this approach? I’m especially interested in understanding any performance limitations this might have. Thank you!

Hi akshay,

n8n allows creating API endpoints easily, which are rather stable and support scaling. However, n8n is probably not the fastest service in the world. So, I would tell that if you expect billions of requests, maybe n8n is not the best solution. If you have maximum of hundreds or thousands of events per second, then using n8n is perfectly fine. You can have a powerful server or configure n8n in a queue mode.