an Open Source Calendly is one Open Source but also support decentralized alternative of zoom such as
Huddle01, Tandem and Jitsi

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Looking into the possibility…
will take this up.
Can you explain what features are looking into this node ?


Hi all, just to make sure this doesn’t get missed: [email protected] now includes a trigger node for featuring these 3 events:


You can check out the full PR here in case you’d like to extend it @Saad_Mujeeb :slight_smile::


I’ll look into this, and add more features as i see many API requests which can be done on this node

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Hello, it seems something is wrong with Cal node.

I read in a post that in their API they changed the path from /hooks to /webhook

It shows that error when activating the workflow

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Hi @JoelGaribay, thanks so much for reporting this. I’ll add this to our engineering backlog for a fix.

Going forward, could you open a new thread for new problems? Just to ensure these don’t get missed. Thank you!

Hello @MutedJam, of course, for future cases I open a thread.

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on any changes regarding Cal.


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