Calendly Trigger not activating workflow with invitee.created

Hi, I’m having a hard time finding the solution to a problem I’m having. I have a stream on n8n that is triggered by a Calendly Trigger.

After being triggered with invitee.created type events, it sends a message confirming scheduling, flows and other actions. This flow is working perfectly! However, in this same flow I have another Calendly Trigger that should be triggered with invitee.canceled events and I was never able to trigger this trigger. I’ve already tested making two separate flows, one with each trigger, that is, one that only fires with invitee.created events and another with invitee.canceled, but even so, when I cancel an event, the trigger doesn’t fire.

Has anyone had this difficulty? Can you help me in some way?

Thank you all!

PS: I’m Brazilian, so I’m sorry for any mistakes when writing

Hi @rfdepauli, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. There are a few services out there which only allow a single active webhook at a time per account. Webhooks are what the n8n trigger node uses under the hood. I am not sure if Calendly is one of these services, but it would certainly explain the behaviour.

If instead of two separate triggers you create a single trigger handling both invitee.created and invitee.canceled events, would the trigger fire correctly for you?

Hi MutedJam, thanks a lot for the reply! I had not considered this possibility. I did what you suggested and it worked perfectly! I put in the Calendly Trigger both invitee.created and invitee.canceled expressions and then a Switch node guiding the flow according to the creation or cancellation of the event.

You solved my problem! Thank you very much!


Amazing, glad to hear that was it. Thanks so much for confirming!