Can I connect to local instance of sql server?

Does the SQL node support connection to a local instance? or does it have to be a cloud version?

Hey @JasonA,

As long as the firewall routes are in place you can connect to a local instance of SQL Server from n8n cloud, If you are self hosting n8n you should also be able to do the same thing.

What do you mean firewall routes? Maybe there is something I need to regarding a firewall so that it can connect? I know I have all the correct information in the credentials, but I just keep getting message that it cannot connect to server.

Hey @JasonA,

Are you using n8n cloud or a self hosted instance? I guess that will be important to working out what you need to do.

I’m on cloud version of n8n

Hey @JasonA,

Perfect, So in theory all you would need to do is make sure your firewall is open for the SQL Server port which I think the default is 1433 but you may be using something else.

@Jon this is the message I get

Failed to lookup instance on [server name] - getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND [server name]

Where server name is actually my server name, I removed it from the message.

Almost like it’s not attempting to connect. I get that message back almost as a real time response when I click retry.

Hey @JasonA,

That looks like a dns issue, is the server name you are using something that anyone can resolve?

So if I was to do nslookup sql.yourdomain.tld would it return your public IP address?

@Jon, no. It doesn’t. I tried nslookup and says there is no domain. I also ran query in SQL server to try and Identify a domain, and it returns null.

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