Can I deploy n8n on HTTPS without need for a reverse-proxy or load-balancer?

The docker compose example in guide uses traefik. Can we use HTTPS to reach n8n instance without any such additional services?

Yes, n8n can handle encrypted connections on its own as well, so a reverse proxy (while very common) is not technically needed.

You’d need to set the respective environment variables (N8N_SSL_CERT, N8N_SSL_CERT, N8N_PROTOCOL) for this to work.

@MutedJam I believe you meant N8N_SSL_CERT & N8N_SSL_KEY yes?

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Ooops, clearly I need to learn how copy & paste works :see_no_evil:

You’re right of course. N8N_SSL_CERT would point to your certificate and N8N_SSL_KEY to the respective key.

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@MutedJam Does the N8N_SSL_KEY refer to the private key for the generated certificate/public key?

Yes, N8N_SSL_KEY would be the path to your private key .PEM file.

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