Can I do something like power automate with n8n?

I would like to find a replacement for power automate. Maybe this isnt what n8n is intended to do, but can it?

I specificly want to grab a spreadsheet and enter that into specific places on a page and check to see if it comes back with a current current user.

You can do some things you can do with Power Automate.

We have the ability to read a spreadsheet, when you say add it to a page what do you mean? Do you maybe have an example?

Yes, the info on the spreadsheet, would have name, email, number.
This would then need to be placed in specific fields on a webpage.
Im going to guess it could be a css/html selector and place that info into that.
Then I would want to confirm if the check comes back with a valid result.
If not, then run again.
It would be like first name and first initial, if that doesnt work then first name and first two letters of the last name, and so on until its valid.