Can I integrate my apis into n8n and can I remove some of the apis that n8n already have?

Hello everyone,
I have a project in Java Quarkus and on that I have multiple apis integrated and I want to use the n8n tool to create workflows with my apis and also remove some of unused apis which n8n provide by default. Is any way or does n8n allow us to integrate our custom apis, if yes is there any documentation, can anyone help me with that?

Hey @endritgojani, welcome to the community :tada:

You sure can customize n8n. Integrations are represented by nodes in n8n. A guide to creating a custom node is available here in our documentation.

Preventing the existing nodes from being loaded is also possible using the NODES_EXCLUDE and NODES_INCLUDE environment variables (these would require the full internal name of a node, for example NODES_INCLUDE=["n8n-nodes-base.start","n8n-nodes-base.set","n8n-nodes-base.function"]).

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