Can I run multiple instances on the same Postgres DB?

Just to make sure: can I run multiples instances of N8N connecting to the same database?

For that, let’s assume that just one instance will being able to edit workflows and credentials, the other one will only serve webhooks. Today, it already works when you use queues, but if you aren’t using queue exactly, could you run it to instances, with EXECUTIONS_MODE=regular and EXECUTIONS_PROCESS=main?

I think so, but I would like to check if it’s really the case, to avoid surprises.

No that is sadly not possible and would cause a lot of problems.

Two example problems:

  • Any active workflow with a Cron or Interval Trigger would get started on each of the instances (so would run in your case 2x)
  • If one instance does get turned off it would deregister all the internal Webhooks and also all external 3rd party ones