Can I store data in n8n?

We are using n8n because we can host it our selves on remote (offline) locations. For one location we would need to lookup the next action from a list:

input-A | input-B | input-C | action
....... | ....... | ....... | ......

Can we store this file in n8n? I saw the ReadBinaryFile action and hoped to supply the file (binary) as property but the hint says it is expecting the binary name - not the content.

Sorry, not sure if I understand what you want to do. However, if you want to move data between a “json” and a “binary” property you can use the “Move Binary Data” Node:

Does that help?

@jwillmer Did it help? If not I am happy to help if you can provide additional information.

@jan i need to store some data list to lookup the next action. But I think I’m our of luck to store a list in n8n :frowning:

You yould store this information as either JSON or XML and utilize the Read Nodes to retrieve the information

Second what @vuchl said. An alternative, if you store small amounts of data would be directly in the workflow as static data.

You can find information about that here:
Introduction | Docs

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Is it actually possible to call one workflow from another?

The functionality is planned but did not get created yet. It can only be done indirectly by using the Webhook-Node in one workflow and the HTTP Node in the other to call it.

I’m using the function action now to store some value:

return [

But that does not store any data. It simply sets it in the flow. Is that you were talking about. Because then we understood you totally wrong. Sorry.

For me, that is static data I can use. Of course it is a workaround but it works.

Hey, I just wondering would it be a good idea to have some node which can store small amount of data that constant. Something like we pin data in a node but in this case it would allow execute just part of the workflow which starts from pinned data node.