Can I 'switch' more than four choices?

I have a task where there are 23 choices. I need a node, similar to a bash ‘case’ block.

In one SAAS platform, I am matching on ID, which is a number. So 5 represents one company.
In another platform, We have tags, so the company is represented by the tag. Let’s say the tag is ‘acorp’.

In a case, I can have an arbitrary number of options. The only way I see to do this is with 24 ‘if’ nodes or 8 ‘switch’ nodes.

There is not unfortunately.

IMHO the easiest way is the 8 switch nodes.

There is a community switch node that allows you to create unlimited switches

It is developed by the one of the Top members here @BramKn


OMG thank you! That makes it that much more simple. It appears to be working with this.


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