Can I upload file to use HTTP Request?

thank you.


Hi @aston_he :wave:

Looks like they’ve shared a cURL command at the bottom of the page: curl -i -F files[][email protected]

You can use that in n8n through the HTTP Request node like this:

And that will automatically populate the request for you from the cURL command :slight_smile:

400 - “{\n "success": false,\n "errorcode": 400,\n "description": "No input file(s)"\n}”

Can you share your workflow, @aston_he ? Do you have binary data in n8n that you’re sending over?

截屏2023-09-20 23.24.07

Can you please share your full workflow, by hitting ctrl/cmd + a in the workflow editor, and then ctrl/cmd + c to copy the nodes? You can share them here by pasting that information between two sets of three backticks (```).

I can not share. I just read a file and upload to

If you can’t share your workflow, then there’s not much help we can provide.

By that error, I would assume you’re not properly sending the data through the HTTP Request node, or you aren’t using a correct expression in order to do so. But without the full workflow, I can’t give further advice.

Thanks,forget it.

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