Can n8n do all that can be done with manychat?

First, Merry Christmas to everyone.

Second: I wonder is n8n with the standard nodes either built-in or free in the community market, but specificaclly without using the generic “webhooks / http-request” ones, can emulate ALL the functionalities that can be achieved with manychat:

  • Automate Instagram: react to comments, direct message, history mentions, history reactions, etc.
  • Automate Facebook: react to comments, direct messages, etc.
  • Automate Telegram: send and receive 1-on-1 messages, send broadcasts to groups, redirect the user to a certain “position” inside a group so they directly get to a specific message with a file to download, photo or message with link, etc.
  • Automate WhatsApp: Appart from sending/receiving normal messages within the 1-hour timewindow, I specificaclly ask for n8n support for the OTN and RTN features.
  • Etc.

Ie: May I build a chatbot over FB or Insta with n8n, without coding a single line of code, able to do any of the things that can be done with “Manychat”?

The short answer is “no”. Everything that can be done with that tool, can for sure not be done with native nodes in n8n.

What exactly of those things are possible or not, you should be able to answer yourself by simply checking out the native nodes. Normally it is best to ask only questions you tried to figure out yourself but we’re not able to. In this case it does take you or someone with a lot of n8n experience almost exactly the same amount of time as nobody will know by heart every node and all of its functionality.

If you did that, and have some more specific questions, please simply come back to ask those. Thanks!

Ah and also Merry Christmas!

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