Can not activate "Error Workflow" because of missing Trigger

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I am trying to set up an Error Workflow.

I used the “Error Trigger” and then an action to send me a message in case of an error.
I also configured this Workflow as an error workflow in the settings of another worklow.

Unfortunately I can not activate the error workflow.
I get an error message saying that “Only workflows which have trigger or webhook nodes can be activated.” (see image)

Can you see, what I am doing wrong here?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Error workflows can not and do not have to be activated. You just have to make sure to set it as error workflow on other workflows.

Here a blog post:

Hey @Davin!

When using the Error Trigger node, you don’t have to activate the workflow. Error Trigger | Docs

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Thank you! I overlooked this small but very essential sentence.

" As opposed to other workflows with a trigger node, you won’t have to activate the workflow when using the Error Trigger node. Once a workflow fails, this node automagically gets details about the failed workflow and the error workflow gets triggered."