Can polling nodes "overlap"?

hi all, does n8n prevent polling nodes from “overlapping” if a poll takes too much time, or not?


  • node starts to poll, with interval “every minute”
  • poll takes longer than expected (e.g. Okta has an API rate limit, so the API can tell you to “back off” for 30 seconds or more maybe)
  • the poll requires to execute a few more requests for paging, which might take again some time
  • now the original “minute” is over, and n8n would by default trigger a new poll
    • but the previously triggered polling run is NOT done yet

can that happen? yes it is a pretty remote scenario, but given that a lost log item can lead to data inconsistency I would rather eliminate that possibility at the data layer than at the human layer (read: a ticket is being created … :wink: ).

and yes, VERY remote. still.