Can the Pipedrive node create a Person and link it to an Organisation?

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I’m creating an Organisation, a Person, a Deal. But none of them are LINKED together. I need to have them linked.

Currently I can do the first three things. Create them, but as mentioned, not link them. Is there a way to say, create a Person, and have it link to the Organisation? Then when done, create a deal and link it also to the Organisation?

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Hey @privateuserguy,

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You would need 3 Pipedrive nodes one for each part starting with making the company, You would then pass the ID from that into the create person and create deal which would look something like the below example.

It would probably be worth starting with a Get Org though to make sure it doesn’t already exist and the same for the person but that is a fun little improvement you can make once you have this initial part working.

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Hi there,

I have to say thank you SO much. That’s my first connected / proper workflow with n8n and now you’ve taken me through it, it’s all making sense. I have it grabbing the phone number, email etc from stripe, adding it to the person, creating the deal, creating a sales activity also. It’s fantastic. Thank you again, I so appreciate the time you spent.

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No problem at all :raised_hands:

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