Can we have Automizy Integration Node? [GOT CREATED] is an ESP and has a huge customer base. Their service is good in Open Rate.

RestAPI Docs:

Features Required:

  • Similar to ActiveCampaign Node and Trigger Node.

Account details shared with @RicardoE105 for testing purposes.

@mcnaveen got created. We will let you know when is released.

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Oh my god. :sob:

You’re faster. Thank you so much bro.

Can I have any screenshot. I’m very excited :grinning:

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@mcnaveen of course.

You’re Genius bro. Thanks Again.

And Can I add multiple custom fields?

Yes, you can dot that. Check the image below

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This is Great. :100:

Thank you so much :heartpulse:

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Got released with n8n@0.87.0

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Thanks for your all efforts :heart:


404 on Clicking Open Automizy Documentation

Official Documentation:

Hey @mcnaveen!
We are working on the documentation. We will let you know as soon the documentation is ready. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions feel free to ask them! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @mcnaveen, we’ve added the documentation for the node here:

The link from your screenshot should work too now :slight_smile: