Cannot connect OAuth for Help Scout node

I’m trying to connect the help scout node, but when I try to connect my account and connect with my help scout account, I get the following screen. Not sure if this has to do with Help Scout updating their api or if something is wrong on my end.

I need the “Redirection URL” to create my custom app in Help Scout.

ahh yes, you can find the redirect url in the credentials. It’s called “Auth Callback URL”.

Thanks! Although, I get an error when I try to connect my Help Scout account to the n8n node.

Any idea what I can do?

@richardjlo please try again. It should work now.

Worked! Now, where do I get the OAuth Callback URL?

I don’t see the dropdown

You do not need it if you are in cloud.

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Got it! Didn’t realize that. Thanks!