Cannot decompress file from HTTP url

Hi Community,
I’m trying to get and decompress a zip file from an HTTP Request.
Using decompress node, the response seems to be empty. If I open the url I can download the zip and decompress the file (that is a csv).

Is something wrong in my workflow or is maybe due to broken zip file?

Thanks for any suggestions


This is the url:

Hey @Mino_Bedin,

Welcome to the community :tada:

It looks like the issue is with the file extension, It is coming down as a php file and confusing the node a bit. A quick workaround is to throw in a Code node and set the binary data extension to .zip that then works as expected.

Thank you so much @Jon
I change the fileExtension value to “zip” and it works = “zip”;

This problem was holding me back, thank you again

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