Cannot delete a running execution anymore?

I was able to delete executions in certain scenarios and it was working fine, but now, after an update I’m getting errors in previously working workflows. I know that I can set global variables to delete executions. But I want to control this manually as well. Is the solution to create another cleanup workflow, that will take the execution number passed from the workflow that needs to be deleted?

The n8n node give an error “Cannot delete a running execution”. It makes sense, but I liked the way it was working before. The deletion was the last step of the workflow. Ideally I would like the n8n node to have a “delete the current execution” option.

This was working before

But not anymore :frowning:

I tried creating a separate workflow, it’s failing too :frowning:

I even tried to put a 10 sec wait node, still failing with the same error

Seems the delete execution node has become useless