Cannot enable workflow with a github trigger


I cannot enable a workflow that has a github trigger node.
Every time I try to switch the workflow to Active, I receive:

Workflow could not be activated:
UNKNOWN ERROR - check the detailed error for more information
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Github Trigger: Not Found

But the github trigger is there.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi @Boris_Idesman, the “Not found” error would be coming from the GitHub API. This is the default GitHub response when trying to access entities a user doesn’t have access to and differs a bit from other services.

When using GitHub trigger, n8n would try to register a new webhook with GitHub which (iirc) only repository owners can do. Can you confirm whether you are the owner of the repository you’re trying to use the trigger with?

Hey @Boris_Idesman,

Are you able to confirm the version of n8n you are running?

Hello I resolved it - but the message from n8n was misleading:

  1. I enabled the Github Trigger node (it was in a disabled mode)
  2. I activated the workflow.
    Maybe we can have a message like: “Unable to activate the workflow until the trigger is enabled.”
    My n8n version: 0.196.0
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Glad to hear you’ve figured it out @Boris_Idesman!

We do have a message like this that should prevent the workflow activation when there’s no enabled trigger in a workflow:


Do you perhaps have other triggers as well in your workflow? In this case the message wouldn’t show up.

Thank you for the support, @MutedJam !
I don’t have any other triggers except the Start node.
In my case the workflow switched for 1 second and then failed with the error from above.
Anyway, I will monitor and report if I observe similar behaviour again.

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